PHP Developer @Pune, Maharashtra

Self Starter, Motivated PHP developer with an Entrepreneurial Spirit needed Starting March 1st 2017 ThoughtShacks is a startup with revenue and profit established in 2015. With a break in 2016 to work on product ideas, the company is now starting afresh with its own offshore development team based in Pune, office at US and onsite counterparts based in US and Australia. The company will dabble in providing services and contractors - all the while working on product development for micro ventures under the company’s umbrella. The company is funded to support all estimated expenses for the fiscal year and has plans to expand in international markets of UK, Europe, North Americas and South East Asia by the end of the next fiscal year. ThoughtShacks is looking for a PHP developer with hands on experience on CMS platforms like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc. The candidate should be proficient in WordPress and Magento and have working knowledge of other platforms or at the least should be able to demonstrate the ability to learn new technologies/platforms quickly. The ideal candidate will have a good grasp on WordPress/Magento libraries, experience building WordPress/Magento sites with premium/custom themes and experience writing PHP Services. The candidate must have a knowledge of current trends and should be able to work with customizations in HTML, CSS, JS to build custom websites. Must have a good aesthetic sense to determine the best layout and presentation for a website based on the industry/domain. Responsibilities Work with premium themes like Divi to build WordPress websites quickly Work with CMS Libraries to build custom themes, plugins etc. Write PHP web services for...

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